Mad Bull

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Mad Bull Custom
  • Heavy weight
  • Ultra strong G-10 / Marble carbon handle
  • Japanese steel AUS-8
  • Heavy weight
  • Double-sided symmetrical sharpening
  • Hammered steel
  • Ultra strong G-10 handle
Samura Mad Bull

Though a tribute to a traditional Serbian chef’s knife, the MAD BULL is a versatile kitchen cleaver produced using cutting-edge production technologies. Hand-forged using high-quality AUS-8 steel (HRC 58-59), the full-tang blade has been honed using convex-sharpening procedures. By sharpening the entire curve of the blade rather than the edge alone, convex-sharpening technology yields longer-lasting sharpness, less drag, and smoother cutting.

The MAD BULL features a handle composed of G-10 and marble carbon—highly durable and moisture resistant—to give you a sure grip. Capable of handling any meats or vegetables, the MAD BULL is the ultimate kitchen beast, both indoors and out. The MAD BULL comes stored in a leather bag to keep it safe and dry.

Mad Bull Series Is An Excellent Choice For experienced cooks searching for a favorite all-rounder to add to their kitchen arsenals

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